I’m looking forward to our upcoming events on a range of topics from aging, dreams and sleep to wine tasting (for good measure) to celebrate the Society’s significant anniversary.
Yes, for 125 years the St-James Literary Society
has been sharing knowledge and camaraderie; shining a light inside us all.
So, I ask you to please join us! Share your interest in our events by sharing this invitation with a friend.
Stay safe and all the best to you and your loved ones!

Kevin Journeaux, President

Since 1898…

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Most of our meetings are held online using Zoom.
If you have never attended one of our previous meetings, send us your email address and we will ensure to invite you to the following Zoom meetings.


We invite you to download our program:

If for some reason, you would feel better having the printed copy, drop us a word with your address and postal code and it will be taken care of.


This year again, we want to thank our sponsors for their ongoing support: