The President’s Message

The 123rd year of the St. James Literary Society brings new
speakers and topics, while continuing our online presence.
The Society has changed from what it once was.
For much of our history, we always met in person, but, at
this time technology has become an essential part in
how we meet, go to work and socialize. Now vaccines will
bring a return to normal, though frankly I don’t believe that
the last chapter of this story has been written yet.
I find it curious that while our events are virtual; anyone
anywhere can attend our meetings, our members still remain
in a tight geographical area. Our old habits about
our sense of community are hard to change. We feel that
all of this is just temporary.
I hope our program for the 2021-2022 season will help
keep you feeling grounded and ever hopeful for a return
to normal (with a little bit of help from technology). This
program offers a variety of thought-provoking events designed
to be both informative and entertaining. I look forward
to it sparking your interest and seeing you at our
Starting this year, in a further embrace of our modern
world, we are trying to reduce the number of program
books that we mail out. Please see the details on a different
Once again. All the best to you and your loved ones!