Online Events

Imagine being able to sit in the comfort of your home and attending an online meeting of the St. James Literary Society! No threat from the virus, no fighting the elements, no parking hassles, no navigating precarious stairways. Best of all, it’s FREE! If it sounds interesting, read on to discover how to go about joining a session.

Go to the App store on your computer and download the app for Zoom Cloud Meetings. Once you are able to open the Zoom page, sign in for the free edition. Have all your passwords and other personal information by your side. You will know that you have been successful when the pale blue Zoom icon appears on your screen. When you want to log on to Zoom, simply click on that icon. It’s really as easy as that! A few days before the event, you will receive an email with the appropriate link.

The invite that you receive will show a link looking something like this:

Click on the link at the appropriate time and it will lead you to a page showing the word Join. Click on Join to participate in the meeting.

The above information applies to members whose email addresses are already known to us. For non-members who would like to participate, install the app for Zoom Cloud Meetings, then send us your email address and you will receive notification of upcoming events along with the link required. FREE!

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